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NFCRC Tutorial - Final Quiz


1. Which of the following energy conversions produces the least amount of pollution?
a) Fossil Fuels
b) Fuel Cells
c) Coal
d) Biomass

2. Which of these produce energy?
a) hot water
b) automobile
c) wind
d) all the above

3. Which country or countries consumes the largest amount of energy per capita?
a) Japan
b) United States
c) Russia
d) Germany
e) The entire continent of Africa

4. Which of the three fossil fuels (Natural Gas, Coal, & Oil) is the cleanest fuel and simplest in terms of composition?
a) Natural Gas
b) Coal
c) Oil

5. Dinosaur bones can be used as fuel.
a) true
b) false
c) don't know

6. Petroleum is found
a) on the surface of Mars.
b) in whales.
c) in sedimentary rock formations underground.
b) in the fuel tank of the DeLorean in the movie "Back to the Future".

7. Petroleum is used
a) only sparingly because it is only available in remote areas.
b) very often for vehicles and power plants.
c) in beers and wine as a key ingredient.