Hydrogen Program



Education and Outreach


If hydrogen is to become a widely used energy carrier in our society, various stakeholder groups will need to become aware of its risks and benefits.  NFCRC proactively reaches out to these stakeholder groups through its education and outreach programs with a goal to increase general awareness and interest in hydrogen energy.


Each year, the NFCRC offers the Fuel Cell Technology Institute (FCTI) short course for those endeavoring to better understand this future. In parallel with the FCTI, a Hydrogen Workshop is presented jointly by the National Fuel Cell Research Center and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Educating our Educators

Teachers play a crucial role in introducing concepts related to energy and sustainability to young people.  NFCRC has shown fuel cell vehicles and other hydrogen related systems to educators through various events to stimulate the education process.

Photo: educators check under the hood of a toyota fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Educators check under the hood of a Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

International Outreach

In March 2005 NFCRC provided a one-week intensive course on fuel cells, distributed generation and hydrogen for a delegation of scientists and policy makers from China.  The developing world presents the greatest opportunities to introduce alternative fuel infrastructure.

Photo: visitors from China learn about the fuel cell vehicle
Visitors from China learn about the FCHV

First Responder Training

As hydrogen powered automobiles and other hydrogen systems are introduced commercially, law enforcement and first responders will need to be familiar with the new technology and know how to deal with it in the event of an accident.  NFCRC has provided training to familiarize local fire fighters with hydrogen and its properties.

Orange County Fire fighters class at NFCRC
Orange County fire fighters at National Fuel Cell Research Center


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