ZEV·NET Program

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Illustration: How the ZEVNET program works
A Day in the Life of a ZEV•NET Shared-Use Electric Station Car

ZEV·NET  is a research program designed to provide convenient environmentally sensitive transportation alternatives to commuters for traveling to work, daytime meetings and appointments.  The acronym “ZEV·NET” stands for Zero Emission Vehicle· Network Enabled Transport and represents the program’s use of electric vehicles that are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in
conjunction with scheduling software so that the vehicles can be efficiently shared among commuters.

ZEV· NET is a not-for-profit venture that includes a research component. Its purpose is to:

  • Develop relevant information technologies and to facilitate standardized protocols and procedures;
  • Create a model that best serves the commuting public and corporate business sector;
  • Integrate station cars with photovoltaic (solar) panels and stationary fuel cells in order to establish a truly zero-emission transportation strategy; and
  • Establish a test bed for intelligent transportation system sensors and information technology.


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