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Advanced Central Power Plants

Advanced Central Power Plants

Advanced Central Power Plants will be called upon to produce electricity utilizing coal at ultra-high fuel-to-electrical efficiencies with zero emission of criteria pollutants and the production of a high pressure stream of carbon dioxide for sequestration.  In addition, the plants will be optimized to produce transportation fuels such as hydrogen.

power plant picture
Advanced Central Power Plant

The Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine is actively involved in the development and analysis of these advanced systems, working with the U.S. Department of Energy and the industry participating in both the component technology and total systems integration.  The figure below presents one such system that includes yet to be developed large scale high temperature membranes for separating oxygen from the air for use in the gasifier where the coal is converted to a gas, separating hydrogen from the gas for export, and high-pressure solid oxide fuel cells integrated with gas turbines.


Advanced Power Plant Cycle

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