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In an effort to bridge fuel cell technology development and its successful introduction into the marketplace, the NFCRC is participating in a variety of initiatives.

» California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative (CaSFCC)

The NFCRC is one of four co-chairs of the Collaborative and actively participates on the policy, procurement and demonstration committees. The NFCRC also acts as an unbiased source of fuel cell information to the Collaborative.

» Zero Emission Vehicle • Network Enable Transport (ZEV•NET)

The NFCRC manages ZEV•NET in collaboration with the UC Irvine Institute for Transportation Studies.

» Pacific Rim Consortium in Energy, Combustion, and the Environment (PARCON)

APEP acts to coordinates this activity and also host the International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation (ICEPAG) which provides information to the public and also acts as a source of funds for the organization.



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